“The Building Suite” Michael Beckett Fedarko-composer

Performed Jan 24, 2014 at the New School University Center, Kerry Hall with Michael Beckett Fedarko at the piano and an ensemble of New School Jazz students.
The Building Suite is a three part piece for Jazz Nonet designed to be a sonic immersion of a typical day at the University Center. In the first movement “Morning” we enter the building as light floods in through the windows and slowly we begin our ascent up the staircase as we pass by the quite clatter of people beginning their days. This moderate walk accelerates into the second movement “Noon” in which the building comes alive with the hustle and bustle of midday activity. The multi-colored corridors become vibrant as people pass through them rapidly on their way to and from class. The constant activity finally settles down into the third and final movement, “Night” a slow release of all of the energy built up throughout the day as the last of the lights are turned off and the people exit the building only to return another day.



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