“Stairwell Conversations” Itamar Shatz-composer

“Stairwell Conversations” is inspired by and dedicated to the University’s vibrant social life, written specifically to address the atmosphere of the new building’s interactive space located on the stairwell landing between the 4th and the 5th floors.
Where you are standing right now, dozens of students are about to be walking every day. They might just pass by, going from one class to another, or spend more time around the interactive space. Whatever the case may be, they are going to talk with each other. This blend of conversations will create a certain sound, combining all different languages, attitudes and content. This sound is represented through the first part of the piece.

The trumpets and trombone represent laughter, while the saxophones bring a rather intellectual talk. The guitar and the bass provide intimate conversations; some tense and some calmer and warmer.

The interactive space is a junction that brings everybody together; designers, musicians, writers, professors, students and staff. To express the unity and joy brought by the presence of all these, comes the second part of the piece. That is an Afro-Beat and Brooklyn style influenced section that involves the entire band and includes written parts as well as improvisation.

The transitions between the two sections reflect the various dynamics of the interactive space, considering moments of high traffic and diverse sounds versus the beauty and wholeness of conversations resonating perfectly within the space.


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