Brass + Glass

Below is a proposal for our project Brass + Glass to be created for the opening of the academic portion of the New School’s Kerrey Hall.

Brass + Glass

Quentin Tschofen & Joe Vilardi


Brass is a set of two compositions for brass quintet based on the properties of the

materials used in the façade of the building to be performed in the auditorium in a concert


Musicians Required

• Two (2) trumpets

• One (1) French horn

• One (1) trombone

• One (1) tuba

Facilities Requests

• Two (2) or more hours of rehearsal time in the auditorium per composition, for a

total of at least four (4) hours.


Glass is an interactive installation in the 13th Street entrance that welcomes

visitors immediately into an interactive sonic environment. The physical space of the

lobby will be virtually divided into different sectors, each representing a different sound

made by glass. When a visitor enters one of the sectors, they will be recognized and

tracked by the Xbox Kinect and the respective sector’s sound will be produced. As

visitors move from one sector to another, there will be a blending of the sounds of

adjacent sectors. Sounds will be informed by the properties and use of glass in the

building’s façade.

This project will be coded in C++ using OpenCV and Open Frameworks.

Equipment Requests

• Four (4) Xbox Kinect

• One (1) Mac computer (desktop, if possible)

• Six (6) monitor speakers and stands.

• Cables to connect the Kinects to the computer and the computer to the speakers

Personnel/Facilities Requests

• Assistance with the setup (wiring) of the Kinects, speakers and computer.

• One full day to setup, test and debug the installation within the space.

Credit: Lia Gartner

Credit: Lia Gartner


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